Exposed by Jesus

August 12, 2018
Do you see yourself in the crowd? As you hear again the true story, focusing on the people surrounding the death of Jesus, remember that King Jesus reigns, rescues, and…
Jesus reveals his identity at last; Peter (who is very much us) finally realizes who he really is. Matt Dirks – Mark 14:53-72

Betraying Jesus

July 29, 2018
Every disciple betrays Jesus at some point. But that is not the end of the story. Matt Dirks – Mark 14:26-52

Eating with Jesus

July 22, 2018
You could eat with Jesus but value idols more than him; but that is not how it should be. Zach Markwith – Mark 14:1-25

Waiting for Jesus

July 15, 2018
The return of Christ one day in the future should change everything about life today. Matt Dirks – Mark 13:1-37
Although we try to take, grab hold, and keep what is God's, He is still ridiculously patient with us. How should you respond to His ownership? Matt Dirks – Mark…
Jesus the King comes in peace, confronting your sin and looking for fruitfulness. But what if your response is not for you to work harder? Matt Dirks – Mark 11:1-33