Rejected with Jesus

April 22, 2018
Jesus was willing to be rejected for you. Are you willing to do the same? Matt Dirks – Mark 6:1-29

Delivered by Jesus

March 11, 2018
Today, Satan wants to destroy you, but Jesus longs to save you. Discover as well, then, that when you're amazed about Jesus, the people around you will be amazed too.…
How does a disciple grow? Here are 4 ways God grows his kingdom on earth and in your heart. Matt Dirks – Mark 4:21-41

Treasuring Jesus

February 25, 2018
If you look around you, you'll see there are four kinds of hearts that hear the words of Jesus. But look inside: are you hearing Jesus only or are you…

Family and Jesus

February 18, 2018
Continuing in his mission, Jesus calls his disciples and defines who is in the family of God. Are you in God's 'ohana? Kaleo Agsalda – Mark 3:13-35