Current Sermon Series:
A Study of Luke

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Only God can reveal Himself, so we need Him to show us through Jesus. Christian Siania – Luke 9:18-27
Jesus has the power to provide everything we need, including geniune compassion for people. John Lee – Luke 9:1-17
Without Jesus, even when our circumstances change, we are the same person inside – broken. We really need someone with the power to restore and make us new. Mike Butindaro…
Jesus has the power to command the storm and spiritual forces of darkness, so we can trust him. John Lee – Luke 8:22-39
Faith is thinking accurately on who God is and trusting His word. But faith isn’t something we can conjure up. Rather, it must be given to us. Christian Siania –…
With what kind of heart are you hearing God’s word? Can you be honest? Zach Markwith – Luke 8:4-15
Until we understand God’s forgiveness for us, we won’t understand how to forgive others. Christian Siania – Luke 7:36-8:3
Jesus empower us to overcome doubts, by drawing us to Himself. John Lee – Luke 7:18-35
Jesus has great power, even to revive from the dead. So how should we respond to the authority of Jesus? Mike Butindaro
Fruitfulness in God's kingdom is really difficult to do. But God... Christian Siania – Luke 6:37-49
In whatever circumstance, Jesus empowers us by the Spirit to do good, bless, and pray. This is not only unto our enemies but also friends, and everyone between. Grant Murata…
Jesus presents who are blessed in the kingdom. Mike Butindaro – Luke 6:17-26
When Jesus calls the unworthy and unqualified, by his power he empowers them in a new life and purpose! What's Jesus is calling you to, and how might you know?…
Hurting people are all around– and yet why do some people not care? Thank God that Jesus helps us to overcome our cold hearts, powerfully moving us to compassion and…
Jesus has come to make you new. And the closer you walk with Him, the more He will transform you. Matt Dirks – Luke 5:27-39
It doesn't matter what's going on around you, when you have the power of new life in Christ inside you. Matt Dirks – Luke 5:17-26
Are you feeling dead and dry in your faith? Does your life feels too comfortable? Could it be that God wants to mobilize you for ministry? Matt Dirks – Luke…
Not only does Jesus has the power to heal but he also has a purpose in delivering us from our diseases. Matt Dirks – Luke 4:38-44, 5:12-16
We are living in a dark world but do not need to fear. Why? Jesus has the power to deliver the captives from demons with a calm urgency. Matt Dirks…
There's great power in the love of Jesus. He alone brings unity to God's people. This unity is built through His grace, continuing on with humility and growing pains. Matt Dirks…
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