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A Study of 2 Timothy

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Focus on the Message

August 2, 2020
Proclaiming the Word is our task, and Jesus is our message. Good thing that God has given everything we need to do everything He asks! Matt Dirks – 2 Tim…

Focus on the Word

July 26, 2020
These are the last days, and hard times are coming through people. What should we deal with these people? How can we avoid becoming these people? God has provided the…

Focus on Your Work

July 19, 2020
Don't be concerned with things that don't matter. Rather, focus on speaking the truth in loving gentleness. Because God builds His kingdom while working in you. Christian Siania – 2…

Focus on the Battle

July 12, 2020
Christian, your life is a battle to love God and your neighbor. Paul's strategy for the battle is to make disciples who make disciples by the grace of Jesus –…
Christian, God is with you, so put aside your fear and fulfill your calling. Matt Dirks – 2 Timothy 1:7-18

Focus on the Gospel

June 28, 2020
It’s hard to focus on just one thing when these days everything seems urgent. Especially now, we need to focus on what really matters in life: the Gospel. Matt Dirks…
When you’ve been saved from something that would swallow you whole, you have to celebrate! There are always reasons to celebrate in God, but here are just three reasons. Matt…
When God saves His people and revives them, there are a few necessary ingredients. John Lee – Esther 8
There is a time to stand up against injustice. What should you do when you face it? Matt Dirks – Esther 7
Believe God, for He is always blessing his people through unexpected, surprising ways. Matt Dirks – Esther 6
Esther had a strategy to save her people. We too need to strategize. Here is to build a biblical strategy. Matt Dirks – Esther 5
Seeing God's providence changed everything for Esther, who didn’t start off courageous. See, then, how God's providence can change your life in such a time as this. Mike Butindaro –…
Let's make God our refuge because He always is working – even through a conspiracy. Matt Dirks – Esther 2:19-3:15
Our sovereign God has promised grace over the lives of those who love him – even when we compromise. Matt Dirks – Esther 2:1-18
King Xerxes had wealth, power and security, but uncertainty crept into his life and threatened it all. We will find ourselves in his response. Matt Dirks – Esther 1:10-22
The world says to find your security in these three things. But God says to find your security in Him. Christian Siania – Esther 1:1-9
Receive the power of Jesus Christ and hear this good news: The stone was moved for you! Matt Dirks – Matthew 28:1-10

Fight for Life

April 5, 2020
It is worth it to fight and take a hold of life – right now. Hear today's words and learn how. Matt Dirks – 1 Timothy 6:12-19
The fight for contentment doesn't come from being indifferent, feeling self-sufficient, nor detaching yourself from the world. Rather, contentment comes from attaching yourself to God, defining your needs, and looking…

Fight for Family

March 22, 2020
We're all spending a lot more time with our families right now. Maybe you're ready for a little social distancing from them! Good thing we also have a spiritual family,.…
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