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A Study of Romans

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The Gift of Hope

January 2, 2022
They say that "history repeats" but God has broken the cycle. Now, as creation groans for renewal, we have hope through Him. Matt Dirks – Romans 8:18-30

The Gift of Freedom

December 26, 2021
We might think that we are free but are actually enslaved to sin and death. But the good news is Jesus gives freedom. Mike Butindaro – Romans 8:8-17

The Gift of Life

December 19, 2021
The best gift that God gave in Jesus Christ? Life. Matt Dirks – Romans 8:1-11

Go and Be Rescued

December 12, 2021
God pursues and rescues the rebels and self-righteous. Matt Dirks – Luke 15:11-32

Go and Celebrate

December 5, 2021
Grateful Christians have reasons to rejoice in God's goodness especially when life is tough, and they make an impact as they celebrate. Matt Dirks – Luke 15:1-10

Go All In

November 28, 2021
Jesus came to invite the helpless to His banquet table, giving them life to the full. Be ready to join him and go all in. Matt Dirks – Luke 14:12–35

Go and Be a Blessing

November 21, 2021
When the people we didn’t think were reachable are those whom God's been working on, know the gift and the Giver. Alejandro Mandes – John 4:1-26

Go the Narrow Way

November 14, 2021
There are many doors we can walk through in life. None will lead to true fulfillment except The Door. Matt Dirks – Luke 13:22-35

Go With God’s Power

November 7, 2021
How can we use God's power? By first learning to recognize it. Matt Dirks – Luke 13:10-21

Go and Be Free

October 31, 2021
Many of us feel trapped, but Jesus can free you. Matt Dirks – Luke 13:1–13

Go and Be Prepared

October 24, 2021
As the saying goes, "always be prepared for the unexpected." Here is how to be ready for Jesus' coming. John Lee – Luke 12:35-59

Go and Be Content

October 17, 2021
Being greedy doesn't pay off. Being content through Jesus is better. Matt Dirks – Luke 12:13-34

Go Represent Jesus

October 10, 2021
Although we are terrible at representing anything beyond ourselves, all Christians as Christ’s ambassadors represent Christ. Are you doing that well or not? Matt Dirks – Luke 12:1-12

Go With Authenticity

October 3, 2021
Genuine authenticity is worth every penny. So learn how to kill your hypocrisy. Matt Dirks – Luke 11:37–54

Go in Power

September 26, 2021
Jesus empowered us to go in power. So let's go! Christian Siania – Luke 11:14-36

Go and Pray

September 19, 2021
Because prayer is so hard, Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray. It is not a checklist but a posture that your heart should pursue. Matt Dirks – Luke 11:1-13

Go and Love

September 12, 2021
Why does no one seem to practice the story of the Good Samaritan, loving our neighbors and enemies? And how, then, can we love? Matt Dirks – Luke 10:25-42

Now Go

September 5, 2021
Jesus has a ministry for everyone– including you. Matt Dirks – Luke 10:1-24
We are part of Christ's kingdom, which is always expanding. How can we join in his mission? Matt Dirks – Haggai 2:20-23
The Bible tells us we are stained because of our sin. How do we become a place of redemption? Matt Dirks – Haggai 2:10-19
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