The Pursued

June 5, 2022
We pursue what's valuable to us. However, with God, we don’t pursue him first, but rather Jesus first pursues us. Christian Siania – Hosea 1:1-2:1

Today, Find New Life

March 27, 2022
Doesn't everyone want life? Doesn't everything but Jesus ultimately let us down? Christian Siania – Luke 20:27-47

Go in Power

September 26, 2021
Jesus empowered us to go in power. So let's go! Christian Siania – Luke 11:14-36
Faith is thinking accurately on who God is and trusting His word. But faith isn’t something we can conjure up. Rather, it must be given to us. Christian Siania –…
Disappointment can crush your faith in God or make you question him. But disappointment's also an opportunity for your faith to grow and see God's power at work. Christian Siania…