Go and Be a Blessing

November 21, 2021
When the people we didn’t think were reachable are those whom God's been working on, know the gift and the Giver. Alejandro Mandes – John 4:1-26

Go the Narrow Way

November 14, 2021
There are many doors we can walk through in life. None will lead to true fulfillment except The Door. Matt Dirks – Luke 13:22-35

Go With God’s Power

November 7, 2021
How can we use God's power? By first learning to recognize it. Matt Dirks – Luke 13:10-21

Go and Be Free

October 31, 2021
Many of us feel trapped, but Jesus can free you. Matt Dirks – Luke 13:1–13

Go and Be Prepared

October 24, 2021
As the saying goes, "always be prepared for the unexpected." Here is how to be ready for Jesus' coming. John Lee – Luke 12:35-59

Go and Be Content

October 17, 2021
Being greedy doesn't pay off. Being content through Jesus is better. Matt Dirks – Luke 12:13-34

Go Represent Jesus

October 10, 2021
Although we are terrible at representing anything beyond ourselves, all Christians as Christ’s ambassadors represent Christ. Are you doing that well or not? Matt Dirks – Luke 12:1-12

Go With Authenticity

October 3, 2021
Genuine authenticity is worth every penny. So learn how to kill your hypocrisy. Matt Dirks – Luke 11:37–54

Go in Power

September 26, 2021
Jesus empowered us to go in power. So let's go! Christian Siania – Luke 11:14-36

Go and Pray

September 19, 2021
Because prayer is so hard, Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray. It is not a checklist but a posture that your heart should pursue. Matt Dirks – Luke 11:1-13