The Gift of Freedom

December 26, 2021
We might think that we are free but are actually enslaved to sin and death. But the good news is Jesus gives freedom. Mike Butindaro – Romans 8:8-17
Without Jesus, even when our circumstances change, we are the same person inside – broken. We really need someone with the power to restore and make us new. Mike Butindaro…
You may have bought into many narratives about your own life through the culture around you, but now Jesus now invites you to join him in his wonder-filled story of Spirit-filled…

All We Need is Hope

November 8, 2020
Luke writes to tell us that Jesus Christ came to provide everything we need in life, including hope. If we have ears to hear, we have three reasons for hope.…

Focus on the Lord

August 16, 2020
The Lord Jesus is your faithful friend, sustainer and defender. Focus on Him. Mike Butindaro – 2 Tim 4:9-22
Christians are the salt of the earth and light of the world. But God does not call us to do something that he hasn’t done for us. Mike Butindaro –…

Greater Than Your Fears

February 17, 2019
God will always rescue his people. So how should you respond to adversity and opposition if God is for you? Mike Butindaro – Daniel 6