Get fired up! Be like the disciples who went from being fearful to having hearts that burn. All because of Jesus! Matt Dirks – Luke 24:13–52

Today, Find Life

May 22, 2022
Are you looking for life among the dead? Seek Jesus, since only he brings life! Matt Dirks – Luke 24:1-12
God broke through history in the cross of Christ. So, today, let your hearts be filled with faith and not foolishness. Matt Dirks – Luke 23:32-56
Today, let's celebrate the faithfulness of Jesus and cultivate it in our lives. John Hahn – Luke 22:47-71

Today, Get Ready

April 24, 2022
Today, let Jesus help you prepare for whatever life wants to throw at you. Matt Dirks – Luke 22:29-46

Today, Celebrate!

April 17, 2022
Today, count your reasons to celebrate Jesus! For this changes everything. Matt Dirks – Luke 22:24-30

Today, Lift Your Head

April 10, 2022
When life gets crazy and tough, we tend to complain and put our heads down, but Jesus says to lift your head up– with expectation. Here's why. Matt Dirks –…
How do you build endurance as you pass on the gospel to others? Start here, and lean on Jesus. Matt Dirks – Luke 21:1-19

Today, Find New Life

March 27, 2022
Doesn't everyone want life? Doesn't everything but Jesus ultimately let us down? Christian Siania – Luke 20:27-47