The Return

December 31, 2017
The time of Advent points to not only the birth of Jesus Christ but also to his return. Who would you want to see at his reunion? Matt Dirks –…

The Birth

December 24, 2017
The King whom you have been looking for is born, to fill the hole in your heart. Hear from the wise men's story how you should respond to Him. Matt…

The Mission

December 17, 2017
Jesus came for a mission. In today's message, learn what his mission was, how he accomplished it, and why it matters to you. Matt Dirks – Matthew 1:18-25

The Reason

December 10, 2017
Hidden behind a giant list of names is the reason for Christmas: God came to show his love for people like us. 👑 Matt Dirks – Matthew 1:1-17

The Promise

December 3, 2017
What you need for Christmas is offensive but hopeful: God wants to give you himself, and he is exactly what you need. Matt Dirks – Isaiah 9