While Harbor is scattered, we’re challenging the whole church to read a Psalm a day to stay encouraged and connected. Here are daily boosts of encouragement based on those Psalms. Get the Daily Boost in your inbox HERE

Psalm 76 – God Protects You

Now that God lives inside his people through the Holy Spirit, he has even more motivation to protect us from our enemies.

Psalm 75 – God Of Justice And Mercy

There’s this sobering moment in Matthew 26:39, as Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane, pleading with God about this specific cup of wrath.

Psalm 73 – God Of Grace

The author of Hebrews says that because of Jesus we can enter God’s presence with boldness.

Psalm 72 – Praying For Our Leaders

Every day our leaders are making life-or-death decisions with incomplete information and conflicting advice from experts. Now more than ever, we need local, state, and national leaders who “vindicate the afflicted, help the poor, and crush the oppressor.”

Psalm 71 – God Will Pick You Up

Many would say we are in the middle or hopefully coming out of a terrible situation.  Do you believe that God is still in control of everything?

Psalm 70 – God’s Timing

Like the psalmist, we’ve been in situations where we want God to hurry, where we want God to not delay. But here’s the truth you need to recognize on this side of the cross…

Psalm 69 – Longing For God’s House

Jesus said God intended his house to be a uniquely powerful place of communal worship, prayer, and learning, not a marketplace. And that’s why every Christian feels a desperate longing to be back at church with God’s people, the new temple.