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God Sees Who We Really Are

Thank God that He doesn’t scorn us for our reputation or choices, but rather actually sees us.

1 Timothy 4:7-8 | Lifelong Training

As the apostle Paul writes, godliness requires training. But unlike professional sports, where the athletes eventually retire and stop training, training ourselves in godliness is a lifelong process. So how exactly do we train in godliness?

Luke 4:31-41 | Astonishing Authority

Despite the many reasons we aren’t astonished by God, the truth is that Jesus, the Word of God Himself, and his authority and power are astonishing, and maybe we just need to allow them to astonish us by submitting to His authority.

Fueled by Faith, Hope, and Love

What traits would you like your family and friends to remember you by? How would you like to present yourself to God when you meet him?

Your God Reigns

Does God’s reign sound like good news to you? Isaiah prophesied that a son would be born a king. This King would be called “Mighty God” and “Prince of Peace.” He would establish His kingdom and rise to “kill the wicked” and “strike the earth with the rod of his mouth”.

The Man In The Mirror

Think of three people in a room. There’s the person you used to be, the person you want to become, and the person you are. Now look in the mirror. Which of the three people is looking back at you? Now think of a fourth person. He’s not like any of the other three. He kinda resembles you, but he’s not like you. This is the person you are meant to be, the person God is molding and shaping you to become!

Restart at the Beginning

We should stop and consider the “first things” in our lives and make sure we have our foundations set. In thinking about this, where should we start? An obvious answer might be, “with the Bible” but the immediate next question would be, “Where? Which book? Which chapter?”

Need A New Conscience?

Praise God that Jesus restores and renews our conscience! Instead of allowing our world to tell you how to think and make decisions, allow God’s Spirit and his word to inform you. As Paul wrote, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

How Can God Justify the Wicked?

God surprises his people with words of grace and mercy. God offers not only to withhold punishment but to cleanse. He promises to remove the stains of the sins that have plagued his people and separated them from their God. The question is, how does God do this? How does a Holy God justify evil people?