While Harbor is scattered, we’re challenging the church to read the same passage of Scripture every day to stay encouraged and connected. Here are daily boosts of encouragement based on those passages. Get the Daily Boost in your inbox HERE

Romans 2:12-16 | The Law Written on Our Hearts

Whether we were raised in a Christian family or grew up in the remotest part of the world where God is not even mentioned everyone has a conscience that tells them intrinsically what is right and wrong

Romans 1:26-32 | Saved from Hell On Earth

The gospel doesn’t just save us from eternal hell. It saves us from the hell-on-earth we create for ourselves when we reject God and pursue self-destructive behavior

Genesis 50 — Rescue From Spiritual Famine

God sustained the lineage from whom Jesus would come to bruise the serpent’s head and to be with us on earth and forever to save us from the spiritual famine that would otherwise cause us to be separated from God for eternity