While Harbor is scattered, we’re challenging the church to read the same passage of Scripture every day to stay encouraged and connected. Here are daily boosts of encouragement based on those passages. Get the Daily Boost in your inbox HERE

2 Samuel 4 | Vengeance Belongs to God

We do not need to avenge ourselves. We don’t need to take wrongs done to us into our own hands. David had many opportunities to kill Saul, but he did not.

2 Samuel 3 | Making Jesus Lord Over All

Some people do not invite Jesus to rule over anything.  Others invite Jesus to reign over a small area of their lives, maybe just on Sunday mornings or some of their kids activities.  And others give Jesus reign over everything that He has authority over, which is everything…

2 Samuel 2 | Obedience in Clarity

Certainly God can drop blessings right into our lap, but more often not, we see his blessing through desiring to know his will and being in an intimate relationship with him and the Word of God which guides our decisions and directions in life.

2 Samuel 1 | An Unexpected Eulogy

As we see in today’s chapter, would you write such respectful words and grieve over a person who didn’t like you or even wanted to kill you?

1 Samuel 29 | Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

How often do you find yourself going through your day without seeking God? Worrying about the future as if you alone can influence it? We see from today’s text that God will do what he needs to do to remind you who’s really in charge.