You’re more #blessed than you know.

There's a word we've seen way too much over the past few years: blessed. "I got a new car! #blessed" ... "I got into Yale! #blessed" ... "I got an engagement ring! #blessed" When things are going good for you, you feel blessed. When your boss is giving you promotions...

Why You Need the Hope of Easter

A few years ago, some scientists at UC Berkeley conducted a series of experiments. In the first experiment, they put some rats in a tub of water, and forced the rats to swim until they were exhausted and finally slipped under the water. They found that the rats could...

It’s Time to Rise.

Quick - what are the best two words you can think of? Free Pupus. Test Negative. North Swell. All good suggestions. Each belongs in the top ten, for sure. But let me try out two more words on you: But God. Wait — I know what you’re thinking. The second word is exactly...

Why Time Alone With God Is So Good

Many of us pray with other people: we pray at church on Sunday mornings, we pray with our community group, we pray with our family before dinner. But how much time do we spend alone with God, depending on him?

Disciples Are Dependent

It had been 400 years since anyone’s heard the voice of God, and then out of the blue it came out of the sky like thunder: “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”

Christmas Is an Offensive Holiday

When God gave us his son Jesus, he was basically saying, “You losers can’t deal with life any other way!” That’s a pretty offensive gift.

What’s Up With Advent?

This time of year we call the Christmas season has only been around for about 100 years. Before that, we celebrated Advent.