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A Study of 1 Timothy

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When God redeems your family, children obey parents out of love, and the discipline of their father does not discourage them from obeying. John Lee – Colossians 3:20-21
Marriage is a picture of the gospel, so the secret to a happy marriage is not depending on your marriage to make you happy but depending on Jesus to make…
Having rich relationships is the key to happiness, but we are more lonely than ever. How can we develop better relationships? By finding life in Jesus, so we don't have…
The hope of Easter is that death won't have the final word! Neither will depression, doubt, guilt, or disease, because Jesus took the sting of death in our place and…
Your happiness in life is directly tied to your hope in life. So where are you getting your hope? Matt Dirks - 1 Peter 1:3-6
Most of us are over-confident in some things and under-confident in other things. Maybe that's because we're putting our confidence in the wrong things. Matt Dirks – 1 Corinthians 15:12-28
This is how Christianity is different. And this is how you can have purpose today. Matt Dirks – 1 Corinthians 15:1-10
Death is guaranteed in this life, and following Jesus won't be easy. But despite the difficulties, following Him is worth it, because God is greater, and His last word is…
Many reasons for uncertainty exist in this world, so remember these 3 things regarding God and His plan for you. Matt Dirks – Daniel 11
Ever feel weak? Daniel was too – before God met him there. Matt Dirks – Daniel 10
Ask yourself, "How do you deal with your sin?" Then go and remind yourself that although we have greatly sinned, we are greatly treasured in Christ. Matt Dirks – Daniel…
Although God may be leading you into pain, He is greater than your pain. Justin White – Daniel 8

Greater Than Your Nation

February 24, 2019
Today's passage in Daniel is going to get weird and horrifying, and it should be horrifying to us. But this should make us see how much greater is the kingdom…

Greater Than Your Fears

February 17, 2019
God will always rescue his people. So how should you respond to adversity and opposition if God is for you? Mike Butindaro – Daniel 6

Greater Than Your Idols

February 10, 2019
Under these uncertain times, people usually to turn to an idol in life to feel secure. But idols such as possessions will surely fail to satisfy. Thankfully, God is greater…

Greater Than Your Ego

February 3, 2019
When you think too much about yourself, self-exaltation makes you become an animal. So don’t wait for God to humble you, but humble yourself and He will lift you up.
All Christians are exiles – strangers in a foreign land– who live in tension between the world they live and the God that they serve. Today's message is on three…
Whose kingdom are you trying to build – yours or God's? Matt Dirks – Daniel 2
You may think you know the book of Daniel, but the book of Daniel isn't really about Daniel himself. Rather, it's about God and his powerful wave-like sovereignty over nations…
Knowing God and walking with Him are keys to knowing what is His will and trusting His ways. Therefore, be driven by the gospel to know him. James Shiroma –…