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Is It Good That Evil Exists?

A thing compared to itself cannot be fully known or appreciated until it is compared to something else. It is the contrast of one thing to another that makes the superior thing better. Ugliness makes Beauty more beautiful. Darkness makes the Light brighter. Evil makes Good more virtuous.

A Mighty Good Man

What makes a good man? Is it strength? Is it gentleness? Is it financial wealth? Is it a sense of humor? Is it good looks? Is it good with kids? Is it Bible knowledge?

Neediness is Needed

We do not like to be treated as if we needed anything. We love the idea of being self-reliant. We like feeling like we can do things on our own and that we have it all together. And what could be so wrong about that?

Praying For The Churches in Japan

As you are watching the Olympics and cheering on your USA hopefuls, will you pray for the unbelievers in Tokyo, that they would hear the Gospel message, and that God would change their hearts to receive Jesus into their lives? Will you continue to pray for the churches in Japan as they live out the Great Commission and as God brings many to faith in Jesus Christ?

God Sees Who We Really Are

Thank God that He doesn’t scorn us for our reputation or choices, but rather actually sees us.

1 Timothy 4:7-8 | Lifelong Training

As the apostle Paul writes, godliness requires training. But unlike professional sports, where the athletes eventually retire and stop training, training ourselves in godliness is a lifelong process. So how exactly do we train in godliness?

Luke 4:31-41 | Astonishing Authority

Despite the many reasons we aren’t astonished by God, the truth is that Jesus, the Word of God Himself, and his authority and power are astonishing, and maybe we just need to allow them to astonish us by submitting to His authority.

Fueled by Faith, Hope, and Love

What traits would you like your family and friends to remember you by? How would you like to present yourself to God when you meet him?

Your God Reigns

Does God’s reign sound like good news to you? Isaiah prophesied that a son would be born a king. This King would be called “Mighty God” and “Prince of Peace.” He would establish His kingdom and rise to “kill the wicked” and “strike the earth with the rod of his mouth”.