Faithful to Remember (Joshua 4)

by Jan 29, 2024

“This is so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the LORD’s hand is strong, and so that you may always fear the LORD your God.” (Joshua 4:24)

Highlighting with a highlighter, jotting down on Post-it notes and posting in a prominent place, scheduling a calendar event with alert… These are a just few of the ways I attempt to remember important things that I WANT to remember: Such as my wife’s birthday, people to pray for – such as in my community group, church, world… So much to remember.

Here the Israelites set up twelve stones of remembrance. These stones would cause the Israelites to pause and ponder, since they wanted to remember who God is and what He did for them. The good Lord dried up the Jordan river for them to cross – He made a way! They wanted their kids to know this. They the world to know this. But they also wanted themselves to be changed – honoring God always with thanksgiving.

Personally, I want to remember the gospel. One of my fears is that I might forget the goodness of God, like an ostrich (Job 39:13–16). But being in fellowship with Christians where we proclaim the gospel to each other really helps! Actively pausing to give thanks and commune before God regularly, also refreshes my soul. What stirs me along is remembering that God is faithful to remember, even if I am faithless in remembering. He remembers and seeks out the lost.

Praise the Lord! Tell your kids, tell your neighbors, and tell yourself who God is and what wondrous things He has done for you.