Freeing Freedom (1 Corinthians 8)

by Sep 4, 2022

“But be careful that this right of yours in no way becomes a stumbling block to the weak.” (1 Corinthians 8:9)

I’m delusional to think that my freedom is most experienced when I use it on myself. The way God has designed freedom to be fully experienced is when I spend my freedom to love someone else. Freedom from considering myself first is actually the most liberating thing I could do for myself! Jesus was the most free person in the world, yet he was the greatest servant of the world. As God the Son, Jesus had infinite freedom to do whatever he wanted, yet he used his right to set the captives free. From his life, I learn that the more I use my freedom to help other people experience freedom, the more my freedom increases. This is how God designed freedom to be (Galatians 5:13).

And this is what Paul is trying to teach his stubborn-headed Corinthian disciples. They’ve recently received the gospel and experienced freedom from their sins, from death, and from the idols they were enslaved to. Liberation was the topic of the day for them. But they misunderstood its application. Much like us, they were applying it the way the world applies it. Spending it on themselves first. So Paul explains that when we actually use our freedom to give as a gift to others, even at our own cost and loss, then that proves we’re actually free! The new life we have in Christ sets us free from those sinful chains of always considering our own interests first. And now we are empowered and liberated to give our freedom rights to serve others. This is freedom.

So how have you used your Christian freedom lately? How about your freedom rights as an American? I have a platform where I can voice my opinions about any topic I want—it’s called social media. I often wonder if my freedom of speech is doing more harm or good to my non-Christian and Christians friends. I often wonder if my office chatter about politics or my thoughts on the latest public controversy is making my colleagues more attractive or appalling to the Jesus I claim to follow. I often wonder if I am using my freedom to bring about greater freedom for my spouse, kids, family, and friends.

How will you use the freedom that Jesus has given you today? If you give your freedom as a gift to others, you will experience more of it today.