The Ever Advancing Word of God (Acts 12)

by Apr 29, 2022

But the word of God spread and multiplied. (Acts 12:24)

With each passing moment things change. The world and everything in it is constantly in flux. And our attempts to slow that process down is simply “a pursuit of the wind” (Eccl. 1:17). So in this life of vain pursuits is there anything that we can be assured of? What we see in Scripture is the truth that God’s word always accomplishes what God has intended for it to accomplish (Isa. 55:11). That if there is anything that has staying power it is the Word of God.

In Acts 12 we find a series of events recorded by Luke. It begins first with a violent attack by King Herod which leaves James executed by the sword. Peter is then arrested and kept in prison while the church prays for him (v. 5). Peter is supposed to be brought to trial when miraculously he is freed by an angel from his chains and walks out without any commotion (v. 6-12) Peter recognizes that God sent the angel and heads to the house of Mary where he is met with joy by a servant named Rhoda. When Herod finds out that Peter escapes he has the guards executed. And then in verse 20 Herod, dealing with some disputes, delivers a speech which causes the people to praise him. Herod then takes that glory for himself and is killed by the Lord for his actions (v. 23). So we have the church under threat of violence and even leaders being killed. We have political and social unrest. And yet, with all of this happening Luke says this, “But the word of God spread and multiplied.”

You see that? The word of God spread in the midst of trials. The word of God spread while Peter was in prison. The word of god spread despite the threat of violence and death. The word of God spread even while the church was hiding. The word of God is ever advancing. No matter what’s going on around you, you can trust that the word of God will continue to spread and will continue to multiply. Why? Because it is not the word of man. It is the word of God, the Creator of all things, and his Words, unlike everything else that has ever been created, always accomplishes what he desires. In a world of opposition, remember that the Kingdom of God is advancing and the gates of hell are always on the offensive.