This Weekend, Let’s Celebrate!

by Apr 13, 2022

Easter is my favorite day of the year. By far. It’s not even close. Christmas is nice, and my anniversary is great, but Easter is so ridiculously over-the-top full of reasons to celebrate.

We’re celebrating how Jesus served us by taking our sin on his back when he died on the cross. That means we don’t have to deal with shame and guilt anymore. We’re free!

We’re celebrating how Jesus won the victory for us by rising from the dead. That means we don’t have to fear death, or be discouraged by the little deaths (of relationships, plans, or dreams) we experience every day. We’re winning with Jesus!

We’re celebrating how Jesus made a way for us to enjoy fellowship with God. That means we don’t have to worry about being liked, affirmed, or accepted anymore. We’re accepted by God!

There are so many reasons to celebrate this week. So join us for Good Friday, and again for Easter Sunday. And get ready to party!