Your God Reigns

by | Jul 19, 2021

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the herald, who proclaims peace, who brings news of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” (Is. 52:7)

Does God’s reign sound like good news to you? Isaiah prophesied that a message of “good news” would be delivered by a herald, bringing a message of salvation and royal victory: “Your God reigns.” (52:7). Previously, Isaiah wrote of a son who was born to be king (9:6-7). This King would be called “Mighty God” and “Prince of Peace.” He would come from the line of David and establish His kingdom (11:1-3), and He will rise to “kill the wicked” and “strike the earth with the rod of his mouth” (11:4).

The portrayal of this mighty King in Isaiah 1 – 39 may appear to contradict with his portrayal of the Suffering Servant in Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12. But it is the same Person, and that is good!

Why? Because we as rebels and sinners are unable to be in the presence of a holy God, yet Isaiah predicted that the Suffering Servant would be despised, become disfigured, and sprinkle the nations (v. 15). The sprinkling of nations is atonement to make sinners clean (Ex. 24:8, Heb. 9:19). When we are cleansed from sin, we can understand and serve as Isaiah did, reversing the effects of sin in Isaiah 6: Whereas sin caused us to keep seeing but not perceive, the Servant “opens the eyes that are blind” (Isa. 42:6-7), bringing healing, atonement, and repentance (53:5). That is good news!

Additionally, Isaiah wrote that the Suffering Servant would be raised and exalted after suffering and dying horribly. The phrase “high and lifted up” is repeated to describe both Yahweh and the Servant (Isa. 6:1, 52:13 ESV). This suggests that the Suffering Servant is God Himself bringing the healing that we need, when we could not save ourselves.

Earthly kings respond to the Servant’s gruesome humiliation and eventual glory with awe (52:15). They shut their mouths, because this Servant King is victorious. Despite disfigurement and sacrifice, God has won, and death is not the end for the Servant, since He will see His offspring, after dying for His flock (53:10-12)! Your God reigns!

Our hope is this King who is revealed to be Jesus Christ. He suffered on the cross for our salvation and rose again to life. He now reigns over everything. And He did it to make you new.

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