Restart at the Beginning

by | Jul 14, 2021

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

During this time of COVID, people have talked about “restarting with renewed priorities,” or “slowing down long enough to re-discover what is important.” This is good advice – not just for today, but for all times. We should stop and consider the “first things” in our lives and make sure we have our foundations set.

In thinking about this, where should we start? An obvious answer might be, “with the Bible” but the immediate next question would be, “Where? Which book? Which chapter?” The Bible will always be a great place to start but for simplicity’s sake, let’s start at the very beginning with two observations from Genesis 1:1 — 1) God created everything (the physical and the spiritual realm), and 2) there is never a “time” without God. Space and time started when He made it so He has existed before…everything.

There is never a thing outside of His power. There is never a time when God is not present. If you have an issue, bring it to Him. It’s like a child struggling with putting something together when they could simply ask their father for help…he’s just waiting there with resources and knowledge, but do we ask?

There are things in our lifetime we will never understand (Rom. 11:33), but we don’t need to be a genius to recognize that our Father is always here for us (Matt. 11:28, Ps. 145:18, Is. 41:10). We don’t have to look far to revisit the truth in Scripture (there are Bibles even under our seats at church and there are a lot of mobile apps). We can be comforted that in Scripture, He reminds us that He will be with us in the storms of life, in the joys, wherever and whenever we may be, and even in global pandemics.

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