Proverbs 8:1-21 | Wisdom No Ka ‘Oi

by | May 2, 2021

READ Proverbs 8:1-21

Accept my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than pure gold. For wisdom is better than jewels, and nothing desirable can equal it.” (Prov. 8:10–11)

Proverbs 8 is a commercial sponsored by Woman Wisdom, inviting you personally into the greatest educational program bar none. This wisdom is best of the best. Woman Wisdom knows that the wisdom she offers is of greater value than gold or silver. Kings and righteous judges use it. It will change your life! This Wisdom is noble, truthful, and never deceptive – it’s amazing! Despite how amazing wisdom is, Woman Wisdom must constantly cry out (8:1). She knows wisdom great, but she realizes that she is making a hard sell, mostly since our ears are prideful. Through this commercial, she is convincing you that God’s wisdom is worth the trouble.

First of all, you must accept her words as true and valuable (8:9-12). Is God’s word the greatest thing you have heard? Then go seek more of its truth. Dig deeper. It takes discipline to learn and seek after wisdom. Go seek after it. Love it more than gold or silver. As you begin to seek after wisdom, you start to realize another thing: You must realize how little you actually know. You may think you are experienced but actually you’re foolish.

This leads us to the next point that wisdom challenges your pride. You as a child of Adam naturally want to be like God, not depending on the true God of the universe for wisdom. To love wisdom means you must turn to God and away from the evil and pride in your heart. That is why Jesus Christ died for all your sin on the cross. You just need to trust in Him. He died to save you. And while this may seem like foolishness to you, the foolishness of God is greater than your wisdom! But pride keeps us from loving God. Humble yourself and God will exalt you with wisdom that is pure (James 4:10).

As one Christian prayed:

Let me learn by paradox that the way down is the way up.

So this wisdom may seem backward at first, but trust God. This wisdom is no ka ‘oi.

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