Acts 10:17-43 | Christ is For Everyone

by | Mar 3, 2021

READ Acts 10:17-43

Peter began to speak: “Now I truly understand that God doesn’t show favoritism,  but in every nation the person who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him. (Acts 10:34-35)

I feel joy in my heart for today’s reading because here, Peter breaks the pre-existing partiality that many Jews believed.  Before Peter said this, many Jews during that period believed that God loved the Jews and hated the Gentiles.  Back then, Jewish men were known to start each day by praying to God, thanking Him that they were not a slave, a Gentile, or a woman.  Jews also made an oath that they would never give help to a Gentile, under any circumstance, even to the point of not giving directions when asked.  Yet, all of this thinking changed because Peter shared that God shows no favoritism.  Christianity was the first religion to disregard racial, cultural, and national limitations.

We can praise God because He doesn’t see nationality or ethnic group, but He sees the heart.  We can praise God because He doesn’t see economic status, but He sees the heart.  The Gospel message of Christ’s love is for everyone.  Peter didn’t have one sermon for one group and another sermon for another.  All people needed to be saved by coming to a living faith in a living Jesus Christ.

Since Christ is available for everyone, we should look for opportunities to share the Gospel each day with everyone that God brings in our path.  We shouldn’t pass judgment on others and decide who gets to hear about Jesus.  As we have already seen in Acts, God can change even the hardest of hearts opposed to Jesus.  Maybe before you came to Christ, you were adamantly opposed to Christianity, yet God got a hold of your heart.  Praise God for that!  God is still in the business of calling more people to His Son, Jesus.  Let’s be used by God to bring these folks to Jesus because Christ is available to everyone.

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