2 Samuel 21 | Our Covenant Keeping God

by | Jan 31, 2021

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“…let seven of his male descendants be handed over to us so we may hang them in the presence of the Lord at Gibeah of Saul, the Lord’s chosen.” The king answered, “I will hand them over.” (2 Samuel 21:6)

Chapter 21 begins with what seems to be an unusual story of how a covenant from the time of Joshua between Israel and the Gibeonites was broken by David’s predecessor, Saul, and what must be done to restore that relationship between the two peoples. Why this story and why here at the end of 2 Samuel? What is incredible about this chapter is that despite the failings of man, we get a glimpse of our God who keeps his covenant no matter what, eventually bringing finality through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

But still, at first glance you might read this chapter and think, “Really, they need to hang seven of Saul’s children to remedy the wrongdoing?” To us it may seem excessive, but this was the cost required of the sin that was committed against the Gibeonites. In the same way, we should be reminded that our sins against God have a cost—our very own lives. But as difficult as this story and truth can be, we have a God that is so good that he not only gave his only son for us on the cross, but through Him, has also given us the power of the Holy Spirit just as Christ did.

It is too easy to simply recall and recite what Christ did on the cross and know what that meant for us believers. We are so fallen that we can take that truth for granted and not deeply understand the weight of what it really means for us and for those around us. Through the cross we have been given immeasurable grace and confidence of salvation and the same power that Christ had in the Holy Spirit. Spend some time in prayer today in confession about what you take for granted, but also in praise because of how faithful and good our God is. Share with Him your uncertainties and failings in your walk with Him. He knows exactly where you’re at and He wants you to go to Him in confidence.

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