2 Samuel 6 | On God’s Good Terms

by | Jan 16, 2021

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The Ark bears the Name, the name of the Lord of Armies who is enthroned between the cherubim. (2 Samuel 6:2)

Before you were born, God’s plan was for you to live happily in his presence. This is still his plan today. This desire of God goes back to the Garden, where Adam and Eve experienced this pleasure (Gen. 1-2). However, in order for Creator and creation to dwell together, it has to be on the Creator’s terms, since he’s the One who made the creature and knows best, and because of who he is. 

In 2 Samuel 6, David reveals that he wants this to happen for him and the people of Israel. After finally being recognized by all of Israel and taking back Jerusalem, David wanted the Ark of God to take its place in the central city of God’s people (like the days of the Garden). David didn’t just want God’s blessings, but he wanted God presence. However, David would have to do this on God’s terms, which he struggled to do.

Many people are quickly confused and even appalled at God for killing Uzzah, who appeared to be preventing the Ark of God from crashing to the ground (6:6-7). However, when we search the Scriptures, we find out that David and Uzzah didn’t obey the Creator’s conditions in order to dwell together. First, God assigned the Kohathites to handle the Ark, but Uzzah wasn’t a Kohathite (Num. 4:3-4). Second, when transporting the Ark, the Kohathites were to carry the Ark on its poles, not placing it in a “cart” like Uzzah and Ahio did (6:3). Lastly, God made it absolutely clear that no one is to touch or even look inside the Ark, or they will die (Num. 4:15). David and Uzzah didn’t consider these things when transporting the Ark, and Uzzah even with good intentions were not God’s intentions. This is the same mistake Adam and Eve made. What initially seemed like a good idea, actually went against God’s instructions for them. Adam, Eve, David, and Uzzah, all undermined God’s leadership by doing what they thought was right in their own eyes.

God wants to be the God of your life, but that can only happen when you humble yourself to his leadership. This means that you go to his word and his ways, more than your own feelings and opinions. This means God gets to lead you in the small and big choices of your day. This means when you look at the teachings of Jesus in the gospels, you allow him through the Holy Spirit to shape the way you live and interact with people. 

At your workplace or in your family, what thought, choice, or behavior, have you been undermining God’s leadership in? Does God have a say in it? Will you act on your own terms, or will you trust the One who made you, saved you, and loves you?

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