Romans 2:17-24 | Even God’s People Need Jesus

by | Oct 19, 2020

READ Romans 2:17-24

“You who boast in the law, do you dishonor God by breaking the law?” (Romans 2:23)

Even God’s people need Jesus. That’s the theme of this section as Paul turns to address his fellow brothers, the Jews. Their knowledge of God’s law is a true advantage because Jews can instruct Gentiles with His truth (2:17-20). But even the Jews fail to practice the law they proclaim, and that is the problem. You can’t boast in God and disobey His word. You can’t brag in knowing the right thing to do if you don’t do it yourself. You might decry other people’s failures, but what good is it, if you do not see your own failings? When the plank in your eye is “light” then blaming others is “easy.”

Have you ever said one thing but did another thing? Paul exposes our hearts in this passage and the consequence: What happens to God’s name when we claim to follow God but act in a way that contradicts God’s character? His name is blasphemed. That’s using God’s name in vain! The next time you are tempted to sin or minimize your sin, consider God’s reputation. Don’t think to yourself, “Oh, I am not that bad.” Don’t make excuses for your sin. Recognize your need for God and His glory. Recognize that we (yes, even God’s people!) all need a loving, holy Savior to deliver us from our hypocrisy. Otherwise, we all would be judged! Praise God that He boosts us up in His daily grace!

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