Genesis 43 — Benjamin’s Portion

by | Oct 4, 2020

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Portions were served to them from Joseph’s table, and Benjamin’s portion was five times larger than any of theirs.  (Genesis 43:34)

Does not the Bible say that God is not a respecter of persons, that He shows no partiality (Romans 2:11)? Yet clearly in the Bible we see cases of biblical patriarchs showing favoritism. Isaac favored Esau over Jacob, Jacob favored Joseph over his other sons. Even Jesus Himself seems to show partiality to one of his disciples when it refers to John as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” What is going on here? Is God being duplicitous? Is He contradicting Himself? Absolutely not! When it says God that does not show partiality or favoritism it is in reference to sin. All have sinned, and therefore all will be judged according to the Law, without exception. It is only when the blood of Jesus is applied to those who have saving faith in Him that they are freed from the punishment their sin deserves.

Now on the greener side of grace Scripture says God gives gifts and mercy in proportion to His will — “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy.” (Rom 9:15). Jesus allowed His inner circle of three (Peter, James, and John) to get closer to Him that He did the other disciples. That is certainly within His right. Joseph is doing the same thing when he gives Benjamin five times the amount of food than he gives the other brothers. He is clearly showing Benjamin favoritism, something that is clearly within his right as the reigning monarch of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. The brothers have no right to be jealous, and it appears this time that they are not. And why not? Aren’t these the same brothers that for jealousy sold Joseph years ago into slavery. What’s different this time? This time they understand grace. This time they understand what they are given vs. what they deserve. They know they don’t deserve to be seated at the table of royalty, they know they don’t deserve this banquet, they know they could have easily been overpowered and taken in as slaves. They clearly understand GRACE this time. It is through these eyes of grace that they can see their youngest brother Benjamin receiving five times their portion and still be merry and joyful.

May we all learn from this example and see all the good in our lives that God has blessed us with and be joyfully thankful!

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