Psalm 148 – Worship the Creator

by | Aug 9, 2020


Praise the Lord from the earth, all sea monsters and ocean depths. (Psalms 148:7)

In today’s psalm, there is a call to the heavens and the earth to praise the Lord, the One who created the heavens and the earth.  From every part of creation to every being and creature on the earth, we are all called to praise the Lord.  The Israelites were reminded in this psalm that God, not only created the heavens and the earth, but creation continues because of God’s word and decree.  As a result of this continuation, all of creation should continue to praise God for His goodness.

For many of us today, we make the mistake of worshipping creation, and not the Creator.  Especially living in Hawaii, as people go to the beach or beautiful hikes around the tropical islands, we can get caught up in appreciating the beauty of God’s creation and neglect to praise the One who created all of this.  As we see the potential destruction that hurricanes and floods can bring, let us remind ourselves that God is in control of everything in creation.  At the end of this psalm, we are called to praise God because He alone is worthy to be honored and exalted.  Let us live today in constant praise of our Creator for every good and perfect gift comes from God.

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