New Series This Sunday: FOCUS

by Jun 24, 2020

Right now you’re probably feeling tired and frazzled. You’ve had to figure out whole new ways of doing your work, guiding your family, and following God in this strange new world we’re living in. Along the way you’ve been forced to become an expert in virus transmission, particle dispersion, and internet communication. Your new hobbies are lighting design (because you don’t want to be a silhouette on your daily Zoom calls) and fashion design (because you can’t seem to find face-masks that actually fit). 

Your attention and energy are constantly going twenty different directions. You don’t know what you should focus on, because everything seems so urgent and important.

It’s hard to lift our eyes up beyond the present circumstances. It’s hard to plan more than a few weeks in advance right now, because everything seems to change every few weeks. It seems impossible to think about long-term strategy, when we’re consumed with short-term survival.

But here’s the thing. We can’t just live one day to the next, for as long as this thing lasts. It could be a year, or it could be five years before we have a vaccine. We just don’t know. So it’s time for us to start thinking about what really matters, and what we want to see happen in the future. In our lives and the lives of the people around us.

That’s what the book of 2 Timothy is all about. As we launch our study of this incredible little letter on Sunday, it’s significant to remember that these are the last words of Paul. He knows he’s about to be executed, and this is the legacy he wants to leave behind. These are the things he wants his most beloved protege Timothy to focus his attention, energy, and life on. Things like the gospel of Christ. Our calling in Christ. Our work in Christ.

As we look to the future in these uncertain times, these are exactly the kinds of things we need to focus on as well. So join us this Sunday: in-person at 8:30 or 10:00am or online for our 10:00am livestream!