Psalm 99 – Bowing Before God

by | June 21, 2020


Exalt the Lord our God; bow in worship at his footstool. He is holy. (Psalms 99:5)

In today’s Psalm, there is an overlying theme of God’s holiness.  We need to remind ourselves that God is holy.  When we understand and grasp God’s power, holiness, and goodness, it should lead us to exalt Him and to humbly worship Him.  How would you describe God’s holiness?  God is holy in all that He is, and in all that He does.

When the psalmist writes, “Bow in worship at his footstool”, he is reminding all of us of God’s holiness and how we should be bowing down before God.  The footstool is the place where one puts their feet while they are sitting.  So the psalmist is reminding us that we are not even worthy to worship God by looking at His face.  We should only humbly bow before God where His feet rests, because we are not worthy.  Are you delighting in God and His holiness every day?  Does God fill your thoughts throughout the day?  Let us live our lives with praise, glory, and worship of our Holy God and King, because He is worthy.  Let us also thank Jesus for dying on the cross for us so that we can be an adopted child of God.

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