Psalm 98 – More To Be Thankful

by | June 20, 2020


Sing a new song to the Lord, for he has performed wonders; his right hand and holy arm have won him victory. (Psalms 98:1)

Have you ever been around someone who always complains? Or maybe you have found yourself complaining about all kinds of things at times. One of the things that is clear, whether you’re doing it or if you’re around it, complaining is draining. It’s miserable to be around. However, in this fallen world, where things go wrong all the time we have to understand that there will be always things to be bummed about. However, the Bible says that there is always much more to be thankful for. 

Psalm 98:1 opens with this encouragement, “sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things!” If you’re a Christian you know that the most wonderful thing in the world is the fact that God has saved you from your sin. He has done for you what you could not do on your own. God has not only kept you from the worst possible outcome, destruction, he has always lavished you with the best possible outcome, adoption. You are a part of God’s family now. So anytime your tempted to complain replay the gospel in your mind and heart and let songs of praise flow out instead.

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