Psalm 92 – Rooted In Christ

by | June 14, 2020


Planted in the house of the Lord, they thrive in the courts of our God. (Psalms 92:13) 

In today’s psalm, we see the blessing of the righteous as they are rooted in God.  When the roots of a tree are strong and deep, it is extremely difficult for it to fall down and it can expand and grow and bear much fruit.  In my backyard, my neighbor’s trees have strong roots that have gone unmanaged for years and has spread out to uproot my fence that separates our properties.  Due to the many years of the roots growing strong, I can’t remove these trees with my own strength.

The psalmist encourages the righteous to be planted in the house of the Lord, where it will grow and flourish and bear lots of fruit.  For parents of youth, there is encouragement to train up your child in the ways of the Lord so that they will continue to grow in their trust in Jesus.  When these youth become adults and live on their own, they will be firmly rooted in Christ and will continue to bear much fruit for the glory of God.  Are you growing in increasing knowledge and trust in Jesus Christ?  When situations confront you, do you turn to God and His word for guidance or do you seek what people at your workplace or the internet advise you to do?  Stay rooted in Christ and remember His ongoing faithfulness in your past and rest assured that He will never change as you stay rooted in Him for your future.

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