Psalm 89 – Revisiting God’s Promises

by | June 11, 2020


Blessed be the LORD forever. Amen and amen. (Psalms 89:52)

You ever read a gripping Christian book and begin to feel a momentum build in you to trust God more than you had before? You ever had a compelling alone time with God, where you were deeply moved by his love, power, and sovereignty, leaving you in a state of awe? And then a few days later, a problem enters into your day. Some type of trial catches you off guard. And suddenly that mountain top experience becomes a fading memory.

Many of us get confused when we are met head on with trouble, shortly after a powerful encounter with God. Consider the disciples. For three years, they witnessed Jesus reveal his messianic identity. Then once trouble hit hard, they scattered at Jesus’ arrest. 

But what if that special encounter with God is meant to provide us the surge of vision, hope, and intimacy with God we need for the troubles ahead? The author of this Psalm, Ethan the Ezrahite appears to be wrestling with God’s faithfulness and his power. This leads him to cry out to God and somehow closing his time in praise (89:52). This man learned the art of returning to God’s promises. Praising God during times of suffering and trial happens when you revisit those truths God had shown you on that mountain top. Pause during your day. Meditate on his promises, and sing about God’s faithful love and power in your life (89:1).

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