Psalm 83 – Trust God’s Justice

by | June 5, 2020


Pursue them with your tempest and terrify them with your storm. Cover their faces with shame so that they will seek your name, Lord. (Psalms 83:15-16)

The Psalms express every human emotion. Even hate. This is another “imprecatory” Psalm, where the author is asking God to punish enemies who are attacking Israel’s people and Israel’s God. The author even asks God to completely destroy his enemies “as you did with Midian, as you did with Sisera and Jabin” (83:9).

Many Christians are very uncomfortable with this kind of prayer. We should love our enemies, not hate them and wish for their destruction, right? Yes. But this kind of prayer is a tool we can use to deal with our hate: put it into God’s hands. This psalmist is turning his anger over to God. He’s not asking for God’s help as he takes things into his own hands. He’s putting his request before God, who can then sovereignly decide how to respond. And you can even see hints of love in the author’s request to “cover their faces with shame so that they will seek your name, Lord.” His ultimate desire is not for people to experience wrathful revenge, but for them to submit to our sovereign and gracious God. 

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