Psalm 51 – You Have Forgiveness

by | May 4, 2020


Against you ​— ​you alone ​— ​I have sinned and done this evil in your sight. (Psalms 51:4)

David said this to God after he committed assault against a married woman and murdered her husband after she got pregnant. We sin against people all the time, but ultimately we’re sinning against God. Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 4 that anyone who is unholy rejects God. Anytime we sin, we’re rejecting God’s goodness, power and grace in our lives.

Maybe you snapped at someone in your family this morning who was making you late for a Zoom appointment. Why did you do that? Maybe it’s because you felt a need to be in control of your schedule. Which means you were rejecting God’s control over your schedule. Or maybe it’s because you felt a need for approval from the people on the Zoom call. Which means you were rejecting God’s approval through the grace of Jesus. We’re always sinning against God, but the hope we have is that no matter what we’ve done, God can forgive us through Christ just like he forgave David. 

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