Psalm 42 – Fight For Hope

by | April 25, 2020


Why, my soul, are you so dejected? Why are you in such turmoil? Put your hope in God, for I will still praise him, my Savior and my God. (Psalm 42:11)

You know the struggle that following God can be. At one level you know that he is good and is working things out for His glory. You know that Jesus died for your sins and have seen his hand over your life. And yet, when the unexpected happens, when you are struggling to make ends meet, when life inevitably falls apart, when relationships breakdown, and many other situations it can be a battle to believe that God is good. It was a struggle for the people who wrote Scripture to trust God. So what do you do when that happens?

When you are dejected or in turmoil the answer is clear. You fight. You fight to hope in God. You fight to praise him. You fight to remember that he has saved you and that he is God. He is in control. He is good. He loves you. That might not be what we want to hear but it’s what we need to hear. We need to know that walking with the Lord is not like prancing through a field. Walking with the Lord is a fight. But it is a fight that has already been won through Jesus. Jesus laid his life down to secure salvation for you. He ensured that the war for your life and soul was won. So when you fight to believe and hope in God, remember that you’re fighting a battle that has already been won by your God and Savior. 

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