What a socially-distanced disciple looks like

by Apr 22, 2020

As of today it looks like we’ve got another month before we’re out of lockdown, and a whole lot of months before we can meet again as a church. In the first phase of quarantine, we were all quickly adjusting to a new way of life we hoped would be temporary. In the next phase, we’ll be settling in to rhythms that will need to sustain us for the long haul (at least until a vaccine or treatment is found).

Every working person is adjusting to a new job — either working from home, or doing wildly different tasks than they did before, or looking for work all day since they lost their job. Every parent is learning how to be a part-time teacher. And every Christian is figuring out what it looks like to follow Jesus when they’re isolated at home most of the time.

So during this crazy season, what does a disciple look like? How do we love God and love others while we’re cut off from the family of God? We still want to pursue our core values of gospel, community, and mission, but it will look different for the foreseeable future.

For Harbor Church, here’s what we think a socially-distanced disciple looks like:

  1. Worshiping with Sunday stream, inviting others to join
  2. Connecting with community group or small group via Zoom/Facetime
  3. Taking initiative with personal/family discipleship
  4. Giving and serving in some way (see opportunities below)
  5. Displaying & proclaiming gospel to coworkers/friends/neighbors

That’s a simple checklist that won’t make God love you more, but will put you in a posture to receive more of his grace, and become a conduit of his grace to other people.

Speaking of which, there are some unique ministries rising up right now. Here are some opportunities to serve:

  • Rapid Response Team – delivering food and necessities to at-risk folks
  • Prayer Team – praying over submitted requests
  • Aloha Team – welcoming newcomers to our Sunday Service Stream
  • Keiki Team – creating short videos to teach keiki
  • Kakaako Kakou – distributing food to our needy neighbors
  • Hospitality Team – sharing recipes and hints for home-bound people

We need your help, so please go here to sign up or get more information on these opportunities.