New Series This Sunday: For Such a Time as This

by Apr 15, 2020

Way back in December one of the high schoolers at Harbor asked if we would ever consider teaching through the book of Esther. We thought a series called “For Such a Time as This” would be perfect to lead us into summer. Little did we know how ultra-relevant it would be.

Esther is one of two books in the Bible (along with Song of Solomon) where the name of God isn’t mentioned a single time. He never speaks to anyone and never makes himself explicitly known. With the threat of extinction hanging over the Jews, Esther and the others are forced to make their best guess how God wants them to act in unprecedented circumstances. It’s a lot like our situation today (although we have the added gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit).

As we make our way through the book, we’ll see Esther and Mordecai make some good decisions and some really bad ones. We’ll be encouraged to know that sometimes we make mistakes, but God is still sovereign and he’s still working out his plan on earth, even through cracked clay pots like us.

If you have friends who are confused about what God is doing right now and what they should be doing during this crisis, invite them to join us for the new series on our Sunday Service Stream on YouTube at 10am!