Psalm 31 – Trusting in God

by | April 14, 2020


But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.” (Psalm 31:14)

We are always living with the temptation to trust in things like money, relationship, and health. However, all of those things can fail you. Money can disappear in a bad venture. Relationships can fall apart due to a breaking of trust. And like it or not, our health will eventually fail us. So what should we hope in?

Our trust should be in God. God is the only hope we have for life. He proves it through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus promised that anyone who would follow him would not perish but have eternal life. Besides, Jesus says, don’t lay up treasures on earth where they will eventually be destroyed. Instead, lay up treasures in heaven where neither earth nor rust will destroy it. In other words, do not turn to the things of this world, wealth, relationships, or health but turn to God.