Psalm 29 – Seeing God’s Power

by | April 12, 2020


The Lord gives his people strength; the Lord blesses his people with peace (Psalm 29:11)
In today’s psalm, David shows us the power of the Lord.  The Lord’s power is seen all throughout creation and then David concludes with verse 11 that the Lord who reigns over all will surely be able to protect, uphold, and defend His people.  The next time that you see the rolling clouds in the storm, or hear the roaring of the thunder, see the flashing of lightning, or the waves piling high from a huge swell, if we know that God has authority over all of this, and that He controls all of this with infinite ease, then we will have no occasion to doubt that He can protect us.  God will indeed give His people strength.
Even in the midst of the storm, God will bless us with peace.  During this uncertain time, we are seeing how people can be selfish, evil, and thoughtless.  You may be tempted to follow in this direction because you see so many people doing this.  Remember the promises of God that He will bring peace to you in the times of the storm.  As you see people thinking only about themselves, pray for them that God would get a hold of them and do your part to trust in God, be a blessing to others, and receive the peace that only He can bring to our lives.  The peace that surpasses all understanding and gives us hope when everything around fails us.

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