Psalm 18 – The Lord Rewards

by | April 1, 2020


The Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness; he repaid me according to the cleanness of my hands. (Psalms 18:20)
David isn’t bragging about his own righteousness. Just before this verse, he talks about how God rescued him from the ropes of death that were wrapped around him. He was helpless and hopeless until God lifted him out of his predicament. God’s faithfulness empowered his righteousness, which brought even more blessings from God.
Look around you. There are so many ways to see God’s faithfulness, even in the middle of the storm we’re in right now. Let that inspire you to be faithful to him in response, pursuing righteousness and holiness. Be careful about the shows you binge. Watch your attitude and speech toward the people you’re quarantined with. Keep an eye on your anxiety, fear, and temptation to hoard and protect at the expense of others. When you respond to God’s faithfulness with your own, he’ll reward you!

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