What To Do With Your Kids During Quarantine

by Mar 22, 2020

What To Do With Your Kids During Quarantine

by Mar 22, 2020

As you deal with extended spring break and shutdowns, don’t think of it as a setback but an opportunity. Extended days at home might feel overwhelming but extra time with your family is an opportunity to rest in Jesus together. It’s an opportunity to practice family devotions, facilitate conversations, and experience life as a homeschool parent for a few weeks. Here are a few pro-tips and resources to help.

Redeeming Your Time 

  • Kids thrive on structure – consider implementing consistent wake up times, meal times, and activity times throughout the day to help them anticipate what’s next. Think of it as a liturgy – these are practices that shape your child’s heart towards God.
  • Let your kids have a voice when it comes to deciding how to spend your days! Ask them what they want to do, or give them a few options to choose from.
  • As the world’s pace slows down around us, there might be a temptation to isolate yourself, or you might be tempted to escape boredom by frantically planning out every hour ahead of you. Fight to land somewhere in the middle: we are free to both embrace the rest that God has for us as well as diligently pursue community and the lost in the weeks to come.

Family Devotionals

Academic Curriculums








Physical Education