Psalm 6 – God Can Heal

by | March 20, 2020 5:03 am


Be gracious to me, LORD, for I am weak; heal me, LORD, for my bones are shaking; my whole being is shaken with terror. (Psalms 6:2-3)

During troubling times, David was aware of what was going on within him. He knew the thoughts that were racing through his mind. And he was keen to the emotions that were flooding his heart. We know this as emotional intelligence. God wants us to be honest with ourselves and mainly with Him. David confided in God when he told him “I am weak…my bones are shaking; my whole being is shaken with terror.” In the coming weeks, we’re most likely gonna experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Some days feeling energized, while other days might feel frazzled and overwhelmed.

So in order to get a diagnosis of what’s happening within our “whole being” we need to slow down and introspect. With the additional time some of us have, we can use it to identify the thoughts and emotions circulating inside. Go for a twenty-minute walk at a not-so-busy place. Find a quiet spot in your house or at a park. If it helps, journal and/or play your favorite worship music (I like instrumentals), while you’re walking or sitting down. And then, here’s a crucial next step: invite God into your inner dialogue. Confide and share with Him. Ask both God and yourself “In all honesty, how am I doing?” “Father, can you help me identify what type of emotions I’ve been feeling lately?” “What kind of thoughts have I been replaying over and over that isn’t very helpful?” Once you’ve identified what’s going on internally, ask for the kind of grace and healing that can only come from our Father. God is waiting for us to cry out to him for grace and healing, as David did. Let’s confide in our loving Father, who wants to comfort us and bring healing to our “whole being.”

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