4. Get Passionate in Prayer (Seven Steps for Better Prayer)

by Jun 27, 2018

4. Get Passionate in Prayer (Seven Steps for Better Prayer)

by Jun 27, 2018

4. Get Passionate in Prayer (Seven Steps for Better Prayer)

by Jun 27, 2018

As we saw yesterday, if you plan specific things to pray for and you keep track of how God has answered those prayers, you’re just going to pray more. But here’s the thing: you need to make it things you actually care about. If you try to pray for the missionaries in Africa, and you don’t know any missionaries in Africa, you’re not going to last very long.

That’s why we need to get passionate in prayer. Get excited! Get some adrenaline going when you pray! You can see Paul doing exactly that when he says in verse 10, “We pray most earnestly night and day.” Most earnestly! In other words, “There’s not any more earnest we can get than the earnestness we’ve got. We cranked the earnest knob up to 11. It doesn’t just go to 10. We are passionate in our praying!”

Many of us have been told that we need to be silent and still before God. What do we call our prayer times? Quiet time, right? We’re told if we want to pray, we need to find a quiet place, and just sit in silence.

But what happens when you do that? You start thinking about all the things you need do today. Or you start thinking about the show you watched on Netflix last night. John Calvin said that the only people who can pray sweetly and quietly are “those whose affairs are flowing to their liking.” For the rest of us, he said “the occasion that best stimulates us to call upon God is when, distressed by our own need, we are troubled by the greatest unrest, and are almost driven out of our senses, until faith opportunely comes to our relief.”

There’s a lot that’s wrong with this world. There’s a lot that’s wrong with us. So we need to get a little upset about it. Get worked up about it. And take it to God. On the other hand, there’s a lot that God is doing in this world. There’s a truckload of grace that he’s poured out on us. We won the lottery when we received the riches of his grace. So we need to get excited about it and praise God for it.

For me, the only place I can do this is in my car. At home, if I get too passionate in prayer, my kids think I’m a crazy man. In the church office? Well, it’s still an office. You can’t do that kinda stuff there. But in my car? God and I get some business done. And the people in the other cars on the H1 just think I’m yelling into my bluetooth.

Getting passionate in prayer is what will take you into prayer and keep you going in prayer.

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