You’re more #blessed than you know.

by | Apr 11, 2018

You’re more #blessed than you know.

by | Apr 11, 2018

There’s a word we’ve seen way too much over the past few years: blessed. “I got a new car! #blessed” … “I got into Yale! #blessed” … “I got an engagement ring! #blessed”

When things are going good for you, you feel blessed. When your boss is giving you promotions and raises, when your marriage is going well, when your kids are crushing it in school and in sports, when you’ve got a nice fat balance in your bank account? Then you feel blessed. When you don’t have all that? Then you don’t. Especially when you see other people who have all that. Then you’re saying, “Why is God blessing them and not me?”

But consider this question: What if God is blessing you all the time? Even when life isn’t going the way you wanted it to? Maybe you’ve been looking for a spouse for a long time, and it just hasn’t happened. Maybe you’ve already got a spouse, but things have been really rocky. Maybe your kids have gone off the rails. Maybe your career has stalled out. Maybe you’ve been working hard, and you’re still living month-to-month. Even with all that, is it possible that God is still blessing you incredibly?

That’s what Paul wants to convince you of in Ephesians: “Blessed is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens in Christ” (Eph 1:3). Think about those words: Every. Spiritual. Blessing.

God is a God of blessing! Do you wake up every morning assuming that God’s going to bless you? Do you wake up excited to see what kind of blessings he’s going to give you? Or do you wake up and just kind of hope you’ll survive?

Psalm 34 says, “Lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.” If you seek the Lord, you lack no good thing. If there was something that would be good for you to have? You would have it. And if you don’t have it? It wouldn’t be good. At least not for you. At least not right now. But every single thing that’s good for you? Guess what? You already have it. Every single thing!

That’s what Paul’s trying to tell you.God has blessed us with every blessing. Every blessing! In fact, there are so many blessings being poured out on you, it took all three members of the Trinity to deliver them all! Did you notice how Paul brought in the Father, Son, and Spirit?

“Blessed is God the Father.” There’s the Father. “Of our Lord Jesus Christ.” There’s the son. “Who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing.” That’s not talking about spiritual blessings as opposed to earthly blessings. That’s saying every blessing comes to you through the Spirit. Every blessing is mediated by the Holy Spirit.

Every member of the Trinity is involved in blessing you. And if that’s true, then you know these blessings have gotta be good. They’ve gotta be epic if it took the Father, Son, and Spirit to give them to you.

So what are they? The next few verses explain how you’re chosen by God, adopted by God, redeemed by God, and sealed by God. God personally selected you to be part of his family, so he could rescue you from the consequences of your sin and empower you with the Holy Spirit. All because you’re “in Christ.” You’re living in light of the cross of Christ.

At the cross, God took the punishment you deserved, the condemnation you deserved, the shame you deserved, and the wrath you deserved, and he gave it all to Jesus instead. And at the same time, at the cross God took all of the love that Jesus deserved, all of the approval and affirmation that Jesus deserved, and all the blessings that Jesus deserved, and he gave it all to you instead. All of the affection that God has for his one and only son gets directed toward you, when your life is in Christ.

How much more #blessed could you be?