Daily Devotional

Read 2 Samuel 11-13, 15, and 18

Family Devotional

Family Devotional - Week 3


  • Genesis 3:1-7
  • Isaiah 14:12-14
  • John 8:44
  • James 1:13-15


  • What was Satan’s strategy in the garden? (get Adam/Eve to doubt God’s goodness)
  • What was Satan’s sinful desire? (he wanted to replace God)
  • What’s one way you’ve tried to be like God before? (eg trying to get a brother/sister to do what you want)


  • The most deceitful, crafty, and tricky animal in the garden was: the serpent
  • The serpent was: the enemy, Satan
  • The serpent deceived Adam and Eve into thinking that they didn’t: need God anymore
  • But that wasn’t true: Satan lied
  • Unfortunately, Adam and Eve: believed the lie
  • Anytime we don’t trust and believe in God that’s called: sin
  • All sin is: rebellion