Ministry Focus: Common Grace

by Aug 18, 2015

We are excited to begin another year of our Common Grace ministry to Liholiho School. For the last several years, we have partnered with the school to serve families and students through this ministry. I had a chance to interview our Common Grace ministry leader, Christian, to see what the ministry is all about and how people at our church could get involved.

Justin: What exactly is the Common Grace Ministry?

Christian: Common Grace is a ministry that matches up local churches with public schools. The schools have identified keiki who could benefit from having an adult mentor or “buddy” in their lives. The ministry was started in the early 90s when there was a rash of incidents of school violence. One administrator was asked, “What would need to happen to ensure that these kinds of things stop happening?” He responded that if adults were willing to spend time mentoring young kids, that he believed that these incidents would cease. So we have the opportunity partner with parents and schools to mentor several kids who could benefit from it.

Justin: So what would it look like for someone from our church to mentor a kid in Common Grace?

Christian: They would need to shoot me an email and I could give them all the info, but basically they would attend a quick training for all mentors. Then the school would match them with a child. They would meet that child over their lunch break once per week (about 45 minutes). They could just eat and talk with their buddy, or maybe throw a football or play a board game. Really they would just have the opportunity to hang out with their child once a week and do whatever they enjoy doing.

Justin: What are some cool stories that you have heard about how God has used this ministry?

Christian: Consistently the kids are impacted simply by their mentor showing up every week. Having someone that is consistent in their life, and a time of week that they really look forward to talking with someone and doing something fun, has been huge for them. Teachers have noticed a difference in the student’s behavior, and we have even been able to impact families through the ministry. Praise God!

If you are interested in learning more or even signing up to serve in Common Grace, email Christian at