by Mar 5, 2015

As I continue to read Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis, I am more and more fascinated by his idea and definition of joy.  Most Christians define joy as a hope and source of security that is independent of circumstances.  But Lewis takes it a step further– essentially, he writes that joy is always a longing and an angst.  True joy, in nature, is always a reminder of something that we all crave but have never fully grasped.

Many times, I feel the opposite.  I feel like longing and dissatisfaction with the world leads me to sin.  In difficulties, I fail to see the value of trials and the testing of my faith because I’m too busy complaining about my temporary discomfort.  In prosperity, I still have the nagging feeling of still wanting more!  I realize how spoiled I am because I can have everything I need and still want more.

However, in those moments when I am the most dissatisfied with this world, the opportunity for true joy is the greatest.  I have a choice– I can either complain and give in to a sense of entitlement, or I can realize that this world was never meant to satisfy.  I can realize that any and all lasting satisfaction is found in Christ.

It is only when I begin to be dissatisfied with the lesser that I can begin to desire the greater.  Instead of turning towards further selfishness and indulging of the flesh in those moments, let us turn towards selflessness, love for God, and a holy discipline.  Let us realize that our true home is in heaven, our true life is in Christ, and our truest hope is the Gospel!  Instead of turning dissatisfaction into self-pity, let us see it as a blessed opportunity to refocus on what is eternal and meaningful.