Prayers for This Summer's Mission Trip

by Jun 21, 2014

As many of you probably know, I’m going on a short-term trip to Southeast Asia with a few other members of the church.

Here’s just a few of the many ways that you can be praying for us.

1. Pray that we will effectively connect people to the local churches that we’re supporting, and that we would be able to encourage and bless the churches as well.

I’m not going to assume that we have all the missing pieces, and in ten days we can evangelize the whole nation better than the local church could.  Realistically, they have a better grasp on the language, culture, and also have a solid understanding of the Scriptures.  My main prayers are that we would connect people to the local church where they can grow and be discipled, and also that we would be able to refresh and encourage the local church.

2. Pray that God will shape and change us through this trip.

I know it sounds selfish to say this, but this trip is probably going to affect and change us as much as (if not more than) the people we’re going to.  For many of us, this is our first mission trip.  Three members of the team– Christian, Justin, and I– have our sights set on a future in full-time ministry and church planting.  We also have three people under the age of 15 going on this trip.  We look forward to the great things that God will do through us, and also in us.

3. Pray that God’s glory and a genuine love will motivate all that we do.

This is true for every aspect in life, but it’s especially true in missions.  Often, I’m so caught up in the logistics of finances, passports, Visas, vaccinations, plane tickets, supplements, research, packing, and preparation (which are all necessary things) that I miss the whole point of the trip.  Pray that we will be motivated by a genuine love for those who have not yet answered God’s call.  Also, pray that we will be zealous for God’s glory– that we would remind ourselves that He is worthy of the worship and adoration of everyone in the nation, and that this truth would be enough to motivate us to proclaim Him.