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(Monday) Ephesians 3: Success Story

What gifts of God’s grace has Paul received (v. 2-3, 8)?

Explain the meaning of the mystery revealed to Paul (v. 2-6). How is the mystery connected with the ministry given to him (v. 7-13)?

Three times in verses 14-21 Paul mentions “love” and “power.” What do we learn about power and love in these verses?

What is God’s purpose for the church (v. 10-11)? How are you fulfilling this purpose?

Prayer Focus: Echo Paul’s prayer in verses 14-21 for yourself and your church

Family Devotional: Read verse 10. Did you know that we are teaching angels things they didn’t understand until they watched us? How should this change the way we live our everyday lives?

(Tuesday) Colossians 1: Spanning the Gap

What characteristics of the Colossians cause Paul to always be thankful for them (v. 3-6)?

What are Paul’s prayers for the Colossians (v. 9-14)?

According to Paul, true knowledge leads to a life worthy of the Lord (v. 10) What qualities does such a life include (v. 10-12)? How are these qualities related to each other?

How are the qualities in verses 10-12 developing in your own life?

Prayer Focus: Ask God for a fruitful life, according to these qualities

Family Devotional: Read verses 10-12. What does God’s power give us? How can we see this happening in our family?

(Wednesday) Philemon: A Personal Favor

After describing Philemon’s character, Paul appeals to his love to forgive his runaway servant (v. 9). Why would love be better than any other motivation?

In what ways has Onesimus changed since running away (v. 10-16)?

How does Paul act as a peacemaker (v. 17-22)?

What principles in this letter could you use for healing a broken relationship?

Prayer Focus: Pray for God’s grace in difficult relationships

Family Devotional: Read verses 8-11. Paul is asking Philemon to forgive his runaway servant Onesimus. What kinds of things are hard for you to forgive? How can love overcome those things?

(Thursday) Titus 2: Paul’s Troubleshooter

How would you define “sound doctrine” (v. 1)?

What expectations are put on older, more mature believers (v. 2-5)? On younger believers (v. 6-10)?

What is the motivation for us to live up to those expectations (v. 10-14)?

As an older or younger believer, are you meeting these expectations?

Prayer Focus: Ask God for the right motivation to fulfill his expectations.

Family Devotional: Read verse 6. What is self-control? Why do young people need to practice it? What are some ways you can be more self-controlled?

(Friday) 1 Timothy 1: Growth Pains

How does Paul describe Timothy’s job (v. 3-5)?

What is the proper use of the Old Testament law (v. 8-11)? How does the law lead us to Christ (v. 15-16)?

Paul mentions the conscience twice (v. 5, 19). How does the law inform our conscience?

Are there any areas where you have ignored your conscience lately?

Prayer Focus: Pray for God’s law to strike your conscience and drive you to God’s grace

Family Devotional: Read verses 15-16. Jesus saves us from our sins every single day. What are some ways you’ve seen Jesus change your heart lately?