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(Monday) Acts 5: Shock Waves

What is the most serious sin of Ananias and Sapphira (v. 1-2)?

How would the average church member view this incident (v. 3-9)?

What effects would the holy fear (v. 11) have had on the church?

What are the tangible evidences of the power of the Holy Spirit in this community (v. 12-16)?

Prayer Focus: Ask God to uphold truth in his church

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-5. Why does God punish sin? Why would he want us to fear him? What would it mean for our family to fear God?

(Tuesday) Acts 9: About-face

How is Saul introduced in Acts (7:58-8:3, 9:1-2)?

Describe Saul’s encounter with Jesus in verses 3-9. What spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects are involved?

What is the response of believers and unbelievers to Saul’s ministry (v. 19-30)? What role does Barnabas play in Saul’s life and ministry?

What do you learn about obedience to God through Saul and Ananias?

Prayer Focus: Pray for God to save someone you never would expect him to save.

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-9, 17-20. What kind of big changes did God make in Saul’s life? What changes has he made in your life?

(Wednesday) Galatians 3: Legalism

In what ways did the Galatians’ behavior seem “bewitched” and “foolish” (v. 1-5)?

How does Abraham’s faith contrast with that of a person who tries to earn God’s forgiveness (v. 6-12)?

Why was the law given (v. 19-25)? How does a knowledge of the law help us see our need for Christ?

Do you ever have difficulty admitting your need to God? Why does that happen?

Prayer Focus: Ask God to help you put aside your pride and expose your deep-seated sins and needs.

Family Devotional: Read verses 6-9. What does it mean to believe God? How can we become righteous just by having faith in Jesus?

(Thursday) Acts 16: Detour

How is Paul directed in verses 6-10? What principles of guidance do we gain?

How is Paul’s immediate response confirmed on arriving in Macedonia (v. 11-15)?

What events led to the jailer’s question, “What must I do to be saved” (v. 30)?

How does your response to opposition and suffering for the gospel compare and contrast to that of Paul and Silas (v. 25)?

Prayer Focus: Ask God to give you fearless boldness to obey him and proclaim his gospel

Family Devotional: Read verses 25-32. How did Paul and Silas show love and compassion to a prison guard who had probably beaten them? How did they share the gospel with him? Is there someone in your life who needs to experience God’s love through you?

(Friday) Philippians 2: Downward Mobility

How do verses 3-4 help us understand the nature of humility? How did each of Christ’s actions illustrate a “downward spiral” of humility and a concern for the interests of others (v. 6-8)?

Describe God’s response to Jesus’ humility (v. 9-11).

We are to “work out” our salvation because God “works” in us. How are these ideas related?

What acts of humble service have you felt led to do but avoided? How does God need to “will and work” in you to motivate you toward this kind of humility?

Prayer Focus: Pray for God to help you see opportunities to serve others

Family Devotional: Read verses 5-11. What are some ways each of you can serve your family? Serve you neighbors and friends? Serve your church?