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(Monday) Mark 12: Baiting Jesus

1. Though Jesus is only asked for one commandment, in good rabbinic fashion he responds by adding a second to his reply.  What relationship does this second commandment bear to the first?

2. How do the Sadducees display ignorance o the Scriptures and the power of God?

3. In contrast to the teachers of the law and the rich, what motivates the widow’s religious behavior?

4. What implications does the example of the widow have for our giving to the Lord’s work?

Prayer Focus: Ask God to give you the attitude of the widow in your love for him and toward others.

Family Devotional:  Read verses 1-8.  The parable of the tenants is rich in meaning.  If the tenants are Israel and its religious leaders, who are the owner, the servants and the son?

(Tuesday) Mark 13: A Day to Dread

1. Jesus doesn’t seem to answer the disciples’ question directly, at least not at first.  What is he concerned about (vv. 5-8)?

2. Many people throughout the ages have tried to make precise predictions about the return of Jesus. How does watching as Jesus urges differ from making such predictions?

3. Christians have sometimes disagreed about how to interpret Jesus’ words in verses 14-23.  Some think Jesus is talking about the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70 and the evnets leading up to that.  Other think these events are still future. What evidence is there to support each view?

4. In what practical ways can we be alert for Jesus’ return?

Prayer Focus:  Praise and give thanksgiving for the promises found in chapter 13.

Family Devotional:  Read verses 5-13.  How would Jesus’ warnings and encouragements have helped the disciples in the early years of the Church?  What relevance do the warnings and encouragements have for us today?

(Wednesday) Mark 14: A Scent of Doom

1. During the Passover feast jesus tells the Twelve that one of them will betray him.  What do you think they where feeling as they responded to his announcement (v.19)?

2. What different motives are present in the conflict that arises at he home of Simon the Leper?

3. How does Jesus respond to his betrayal?

4. What warnings and encouragement can you draw from Peter’s experience?

Prayer Focus:  Ask God to keep you from betrayal.

Family Devotional:  Read verses 66-72.  How are your motives mixed in following Jesus?  In what circumstances are you most tempted to be ashamed of Jesus or deny him?

(Thursday) John 14: One Final Meal Together

1. How would the promises Jesus makes in verse 1-4 bring comfort to his disciples?

2. According to Jesus, how will the Spirit bring comfort and help to his followers (vv.15-27)?

3. How does the peace Christ offers differ from that which the world offers (vv. 25-31)?

4. How Can jesus’ words help you in a personal crisis or when you have a troubled heart?

Prayer Focus:  Ask God for a greater love for Christ which leads to a greater obedience to Christ.

Family Devotional:  In light of Verses 5-14, why is it crucial for our focus to be on Jesus himself?  In what ways do we lose our focus and how can we refocus on Jesus?

(Friday) John 15: Vital Link

1. What does it mean to remain in Christ (v.4)?

2. What are the requirements and benefits of friendship with Christ?

3. If love is to characterize our relationship with other believers, hate will characterize our relationship to the world.  What reasons does Jesus give to the world’s hatred?

4. How are you experiencing the world’s hatred as a Christian?

Prayer Focus:  Pray for those around the world who face persecution for their faith.

Family Devotional:  Read verses 1-8.  Jesus’ instructions to his disciples in this passage revolve around three symbols–the vine, the gardner and the branches.  what is Jesus trying to communicate by calling himself the true vine?