How We Received God's Grace in God's Time

by Sep 8, 2009


A week ago today, at about this time, Cyndi and I rushed to the hospital. Five hours later we were holding Kaira Grace in our arms.

Kaira is a feminized form of the Greek word kairos, which means “appointed time for God’s purpose.” The word was used in the New Testament to describe significant things God did at specific times.

Jesus said, “The kairos is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand!“ (Mark 1:15).

Paul said, “You know the kairos, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed!” (Romans 13:11).

For us, this baby girl is a miraculous gift of God’s grace, given to us at God’s appointed time. Thirteen years ago we started trying to have kids. Ten years ago we were told it would never happen. We struggled to understand, but God gave us the ability to trust him and his sovereign plan. We adopted three incredible kids, each one of them gifts of God’s grace to us.

Then, early this year, Cyndi went on a few rides at Disneyland. She said to herself, “I must be getting old, because I’ve never felt as sick as I do right now.” A few days later, when the sickness hadn’t gone away, she started wondering if the impossible had happened.

She took the test. And took it again. And again. It kept reading (+). When she finally decided it was time to tell me, it took her half an hour to convince me she wasn’t pulling an elaborate joke on me.

When we called the doctor to start prenatal care, we got shocking news: our insurance policy wouldn’t cover any of the pregnancy or delivery. Since we never expected to be pregnant, we never even thought to check on that part of the policy. We gasped at the thought of paying off tens of thousands of dollars, but God wanted to use this as an opportunity to show us more of his sovereign grace.

By God’s grace, and thanks to the extreme generosity of family, friends, and even the IRS, every cent of Kaira’s prenatal care, labor, and delivery was covered.

When we showed up for our first appointment, the first thing the nurse did was point out a chart hanging prominently on the wall. It listed the probability for giving birth to a Down’s syndrome child for each year of the mother’s age. Cyndi’s not old, but she’s not a teenager either. At her age, the probability curve was starting to look like a graph of housing prices around 2005.

By God’s grace, Kaira was born perfectly healthy. On her grandmother’s birthday. Who arrived from California an hour before Kaira entered the world.

According to Romans 6:23, the only thing we deserve in life is death. Anything we get in life that’s better than death is a gift of God’s grace. It’s incredible enough that he gives us eternal life after death, but in kairos moments like these, I realize that this eternal, abundant, life-to-the-full existence starts right now.